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Verdicts and Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements

$6.1 Million settlement

In only a few years of practicing, Hart Law won a huge $6.1 million dollar settlement. We accomplish in a short time frame some of the most amazing results for our clients. 

$6.1 Million Settlement

Top Verdicts & Settlements

Hart Law was listed for one of the top verdicts & settlements as reported by South Carolina Lawyers Weekly.

$2.2 Million settlement

Our client was killed by a drunk driver.  The insurance carrier deployed their usual delay tactics until Hart Law started representing the client’s estate.  We polarized the case using the “Rules of the Road”.  We exhausted the policy limits for bodily injury and property damage.

$2.2 Million Settlement

$2 Million settlement

Our client was run over by a large commercial motor vehicle. The trucking company refused to admit fault until we conducted eight (8) hour depositions of the trucker and trucking company owner. We settled very shortly after the depositions.

$2 Million Settlement

$1.3 Million settlement

The family of a man who was killed when the van he was riding in crashed into an empty car-hauler trailer that had been allowed to come to rest in the lane of a highway has received a $1.3 million settlement for wrongful death and serious injury.

$1.3 Million Settlement

Largest Settlement of 2016

Hart Law obtained one of the largest settlement as reported by SC Lawyers Weekly. 

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Leadership in Law

In 2018 Christopher Hart received the prestigious Leadership in Law Award. This honor is given to attorneys who are committed to excellence and have gone above and beyond in their profession and community.

South Carolina Lawyers Weekly – Christopher Hart

$1.5 million settlement

Our client was a college student who was returning home from studying for exams when a drunk driver t-boned our client’s vehicle at an excessive rate of speed.

$450,000 settlement

Client was killed as a pedestrian on the interstate. Liability carrier tendered policy limits for bodily injury and property damage but the client’s UIM carrier denied coverage. After Hart Law deployed several cutting edge litigation tactics, the UIM carrier tendered the policy limits for bodily injury and property damage. 

$300,000 settlement

Client died in house fire on New Year’s Eve after family member left an unattended candle burning. The insurance carrier attempted to blame an amazon echo for causing the fire however we were successful in presenting evidence contrary to the insurance carrier’s assertion.

$1.15 Million settlement

A plaintiff who T-boned an oncoming vehicle has settled their workers’ compensation claim against their insurance carrier for $1.15 million. Our client had to travel out of state several days a week to receive adequate care for the required injuries for extensive rehabilitation and treatment with several medical professionals.

$1.15M Workers’ Compensation Settlement

$1.25 Million settlement

Our client, a high school student, was stopped at a red-light when he was slammed in the rear by a landscaping truck. The driver of the truck was using his cell phone and reading work notes when he collided with our client.

$1.25M Car Accident Settlement 

$675K settlement

Our client was working at a major manufacturing plant when he was violently struck in the eye by a co-worker with a paint roller. The co-worker immediately fled the work site and never returned. Our client was rushed to the emergency room with his eye bleeding profusely. 

$675,000 Workers’ Comp Settlement

$2.65 Million settlement

Hart Law clients were leaving a gospel concert when the at-fault driver was driving over 100mph and sliced through the median cable barrier and smashed into our client’s head-on.  Our clients were airlifted to the emergency room and suffered severe injuries.  Fortunately after long physical therapy and rehabilitation they are beginning to piece their lives back together. 

$2.65 Million Dollar Median Cable Barrier Crash Settlement


A drunk driver crashed into our client causing severe injuries and destroyed the vehicle.  We used our “secret sauce” to convince the drunk driver’s insurance company to pay the policy limits for the claim.

Next, we filed a claim with our client’s insurance however they refused to pay the policy limits for both bodily injury and property damage.  We immediately filed a lawsuit and they paid the full policy limits shortly thereafter.


Chris Hart Law’s client was struck head on by a driver running from the police and operating a motor vehicle with no driver’s license in a stolen vehicle.  Our client was severely injured and went through several months of physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Chris Hart Law was successful in obtaining in excess of a quarter of million dollars.  We always strive for a tradition of excellence. 


$1 Million settlement

Chris Hart Law used several tried-and-true strategies to secure a $1 Million Dollar apartment shooting settlement in South Carolina.  We were “gobsmacked” at the unspeakable amount of crime that occurred on the apartment complex every day.  The FOIA request for crime reports soared into several thousands of dollars in costs and several months to produce the reports.  No depositions or mediations were necessary after Chris Hart Law presented the absentee apartment owners with the risks associated with a long protracted legal battle.

The out of state owners never visited the apartment complex and never implemented any security measures to protect the tenants or visitors.  They siphoned the profits from the apartment complex but refused to install basic lighting, security gates, or armed security. It was an honor to bring justice to our clients and hold the out of state apartment owners accountable. 


Any prior verdicts or settlements should not be interpreted as a guarantee of a result for your case. Each case is different and each case will be evaluated specifically to its merits.