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Why Us


We Are Not Afraid Of Hard Work.  

We wake up early and stay up late to maximize the results for your case. Every day we roll up our sleeves to work on your case.  We keep you updated on every aspect of your case which keeps you informed and knowledgeable about your case.

We Play Chess…Not Checkers.

We always strive to out pace, out think, and out work insurance companies.  We have developed strategies and tactics to make sure insurance companies and defense lawyers DO NOT minimize the value of your case. 

We Litigate With A Chip On Our Shoulders. 

We make every effort to negotiate settlements, however, there are occasions when picking a jury is necessary. We constantly engage in tedious preparation to achieve the best results for your case. We go above and beyond to always ensure we are prepared for court.

We Resolve the Majority of our Cases for the Full Policy Limits.

At Hart Law, we care about all of our clients and develop personal working relationships with every client. We handle a limited number of cases which allows us to spend countless hours to maximize the value of their case.