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$1.25M Car Accident Settlement

$1.25 Million Settlement Awarded to High School Student Rear-Ended in School Zone

Our client, a high school student, was stopped at a red-light when she was slammed in the rear by a landscaping truck. The driver of the truck was using his cell phone and reading work notes when he collided with our client. 

The collision occurred in a school zone during the busy lunch hour when students were leaving campus. Our client had gone out to get a sandwich for lunch but received a violent rear-end collision instead. She was left with serious lower back injuries that required surgery and several months of physical therapy to recover.

Chris Hart Law filed a lawsuit against the truck driver and landscaping company. While the truck driver admitted he was at-fault, his employer refused to accept responsibility for the driver’s actions. The landscaping company blamed our client for causing the collision and claimed pre-existing injuries were the reason our client needed surgery.  

Chris Hart Law refused to let these false allegations intimidate us and continued to fight the landscaping company until a huge $1.25 million dollar settlement was reached. With this compensation our client will be able to afford ongoing physical therapy and care for her injured back. 

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